Gel Nail Wraps

Gel Nail Wraps

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Gorgeous Nails in Minutes!

No more fussing with getting edges tidy and get a trendy look with our gorgeous gel nail wraps! Choose between plain colours and gorgeous fashion patterns!

Our nail wraps are very easy to apply and remove, require no dry time, and last up to 14 days with topcoat.

  • Each pack contains 22 gel nail wraps + 1 mini nail file
  • Lasts up to 10 days, or up to 14 with a top coat
  • Chip resistant
  • Remove by simply peeling off!
  • Instant-dry salon results
  • Each pack contains both PLAIN and DESIGNED wraps to allow you to co-ordinate fingers and toes or to mix it up with accent nails!

How to Apply:

Simply peel off backing strip, soften by warming up in hands, or with a hair dryer and press wrap onto nail. Remove clear film overlay and apply pressure, pushing radially out to the edges of the nail to press down. File in a downward motion (so as to not lift the wrap) to remove overhanging wrap. Seal with two coats of the top coat of your choice to get a lasting salon-finish.

To Remove:

Simply place nails in quite warm water, nick an edge and peel away! Remove any sticky residue with nail polish remover, soap and water, or Eucalyptus oil.