BlissfulTouch™ Knot-Relieving Neck & Back Massager

BlissfulTouch™ Knot-Relieving Neck & Back Massager

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Melt away your soreness and knots for good

Longing for the comforting touch of a spa-quality deep massage or the tender hands of your partner? The BlissfulTouch™ Knot Relieving Massager is crafted with your needs in mind.

Inspired by professional masseuses, this device has cleverly placed 'hands' that work on the tight spots in your neck.

Say goodbye to knots and discomfort as it feels just like a real human massage. Treat yourself to a moment of calm and comfort with our easy-to-use massager.

  • Alleviates neck pain and migraines
  • Delivers a deep tissue massage
  • Offers adjustable heating, force and speed


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