PERFECTLIFT™ - Premium Lifting Mask (2 Pieces)

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Over 700,000 sold in the first 3 months

The PERFECTLIFT™ - Premium Lifting Mask lifts and firms the face, chin, and neck whilst reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Like a corset, this mask tightly grasps the extra flab around your chin area and delivers a specially formulated essence to tighten and lift the area.

Manufactured with a special fabric that maximizes a natural lifting effect, it’s the perfect alternative to expensive salon and surgical procedures. For just 30-60 minutes a day, use this customized therapy at home or on the go for a sexier and more defined facial contour.


  • Reduces appearance of double chin
  • Lifts, firms & tightens cheek, chin & neck
  • Reduces sagging
  • Hydrates & nourishes skin

Package includes:

  • PERFECTLIFT™ - Premium Lifting Mask x 2 pieces

The effects of 1 mask lasts about 11 hours. Sagging in the chin area will gradually reduce in size with daily use, allowing the effects to last longer.